Starter For 10 (2006) Starter For 10

IMDB: 6.7



Directed by

Tom Vaughan


Joseph Friend, James Gaddas, Catherine Tate, Mark Gatiss, Robert Cawsey, Rasmus Hardiker, Guy Henry, James McAvoy, James Corden, Dominic Cooper, Simon Woods, Sule Rimi, Joe Van Moyland, Rebecca Hall, Benedict Cumberbatch


In 1985, against the backdrop of Thatcherism, Brian Jackson enrolls in the University of Bristol, a scholarship boy from seaside Essex with a love of knowledge for its own sake and a childhood spent watching "University Challenge," a college quiz show. At Bristol he tries out for the Challenge team and falls under the spell of Alice, a lovely blond with an extensive sexual past. He's smitten, and he carelessly manages to hurt the feelings of Rebecca Epstein, a friend whose politics and wit he admires. The Challenge finale is coming up; maybe Brian can redeem himself and still avoid being a prat.

  • Svītras desmitniekā
  • Попасть в десятку
Starter For 10 - Tom Vaughan
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