Wild Tigers I Have Known (2006) Wild Tigers I Have Known

IMDB: 6.2



Directed by

Cam Archer


Malcolm Stumpf, Patrick White, Max Paradise, Fairuza Balk, Kim Dickens, Tom Gilroy, Ruth Elliott, Joey Coffman, Tim Greer, Dash Mann, Derek Mitchler, Kylee Lehe, Teresa Morales, James Porter, Bernadette Wilson


Junior high in a time of rotary phones. Cougars have been spotted in the area. Logan is 13, the odd kid, with an active imagination and few friends. His young, single mother seems stressed. Latency is giving way to puberty, and Logan, who keeps a tube of lipstick in his dresser, may be gay or, more mysterious, transgender. He stares at himself in the mirror. He becomes friends with Rodeo, older and more mature, good-looking, with girlfriends. They take walks. Logan calls Rodeo and pretends to be a girl. Will he disclose himself to Rodeo? The kids at school talk. The school wants to promote kindness and tolerance. There are stories of child suicide.

  • Sauvaņas tīgeri, kurus es zināju
  • Дикие тигры, которых я знал
Wild Tigers I Have Known - Cam Archer
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