Tortilla Heaven (2007) Tortilla Heaven

IMDB: 5.5



Directed by

Judy Hecht Dumontet


Jose Zuniga, Miguel Sandoval, Olivia Hussey, Elpidia Carrillo, Alexis Cruz, Judy Herrera, Marcelo Tubert, Irene Bedard, Lupe Ontiveros, Del Zamora, George Lopez, Deborah Chavez, Geno Silva, Rick Gutierrez, Jonathan Levit


Isidor’s Tortilla Heaven is the best restaurant in New Mexico, maybe even the world. But though his tortillas are scrumptious, his enchiladas divine, Isidor has never made a dime. Why? He lives in Falfurrias, population 73. One Sunday, while all the town, including his wife and son, are piously praying mass, a miracle occurs. Upon one of his famous, hand-made tortillas appears the face of Jesus Christ.

  • Tortiljas debesis
  • Тортильный рай
Tortilla Heaven - Judy Hecht Dumontet
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