Color Me Kubrick (2005) Color Me Kubrick

IMDB: 6.2



Directed by

Brian Cook


Tom Allen, Scott Baker, Nick Barber, Angus Barnett, Lynda Baron, Linda Bassett, Marisa Berenson, Honor Blackman, Peter Bowles, Paul Burnham, Paul Chowdhry, Teresa Churcher, Enzo Cilenti, Phil Cornwell, Kammy Darweish


For months Alan Conway, a perfect stranger, passed himself off as one of the greatest film directors of all time, Stanley Kubrick. Conway knew nothing of the filmmaker or his films, but this didn’t prevent him from using and abusing the credulity of those who thought they had come in contact with the mythical and equally discreet director.

  • Būt Stenlijam Kurbikam
  • Быть Стэнли Кубриком
Color Me Kubrick - Brian Cook
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