The Hawk Is Dying (2006) The Hawk Is Dying

IMDB: 6.1



Directed by

Julian Goldberger


Paul Giamatti, Michelle Williams, Michael Pitt, Rusty Schwimmer, Robert Wisdom, Ann Wedgeworth, Mark Campbell, Ayana Rhoden, Taylor Simpson, John Hostetter, Steve DuMouchel, Katie Dixon, Veryl Jones, Karl Anthony, Marc Macaulay


Fortysomething George Gattling is an emotionally stunted man who makes his living doing auto upholstery and lives with his sister, Precious, and her autistic son, Fred. Though George has an on-and-off relationship with Betty, a constantly stoned young woman just edging out of her teens, one of the few ways in which his deeper feelings come to the surface is his interest in falcons. George loves to capture and train the birds, even if he isn't especially good at it and has lost nearly all the falcons he's tried to keep. When Fred dies in a drowning accident, his family is devastated, but George is incapable of expressing his grief. One day, George finds a striking red-tailed hawk, and he immediately becomes obsessed with the bird. As George struggles to keep the magnificent hawk in captivity and keep it safe while training it to obey his commands, he's finally able to connect with the sense of loss that has haunted him since Fred's passing.

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The Hawk Is Dying - Julian Goldberger
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