The Valet (2006) The Valet

The Valet The Valet



Directed by

Francis Veber


Gad Elmaleh, Alice Taglioni, Daniel Auteuil, Kristin Scott Thomas, Richard Berry, Virginie Ledoyen, Dany Boon, Michel Jonasz, Michel Aumont, Laurent Gamelon, Patrick Mille, Michèle Garcia, Philippe Magnan, Jean-Yves Chilot, Irina Ninova


A Parisian valet loves a woman who rejects him: she's in debt to open a bookshop, and he's not her ideal man. A billionaire two-times his wealthy wife with his beautiful mistress, a young supermodel. To draw the paparazzi and his wife off the trail of adultery, and to give his lawyer time to arrange a divorce that won't cost him a fortune, the billionaire pays the supermodel and the valet to pretend for a month to be a couple. Within days, the bookshop owner and the billionaire are jealous, the supermodel experiences life with a nice guy, and the valet has status and self-confidence. What will each do with newfound wisdom?

  • Sulainis
  • Дублер
  • La doublure
The Valet - Francis Veber
© 2006 Sony Pictures Classics

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  • The Valet - Alice Taglioni , Daniel Auteuil
  • The Valet - Daniel Auteuil , Kristin Scott Thomas
  • The Valet - Kristin Scott Thomas , Richard Berry
  • The Valet - Richard Berry , Virginie Ledoyen
  • The Valet - Virginie Ledoyen , Dany Boon
  • The Valet - Dany Boon , Michel Jonasz
  • The Valet - Michel Jonasz , Michel Aumont
  • The Valet - Michel Aumont , Laurent Gamelon
  • The Valet - Laurent Gamelon , Patrick Mille
  • The Valet - Patrick Mille , Michèle Garcia
  • The Valet - Michèle Garcia , Philippe Magnan
  • The Valet - Philippe Magnan , Jean-Yves Chilot
  • The Valet - Jean-Yves Chilot , Irina Ninova
  • The Valet - Irina Ninova
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  • Kādam jāpiestrādā pie angļu valodas pareizas tulkošanas, šī nav vienīgā kas tiek nepareizi iztulkota kā piem .,Sydney White(Sniegbaltīte? )
    klea13 01.07.2008. 11:16
  • prikolī - kpc nosaukums velvets, ja angliski the valet??? angliski velvets arī ir velvet.
    ghosty 01.07.2008. 00:27
  • Vnk superīga filma
    Eliin 22.10.2007. 12:06