License To Wed (2007) License To Wed

License To Wed License To Wed



Directed by

Ken Kwapis


Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, Eric Christian Olsen, Christine Taylor, Josh Flitter, DeRay Davis, Peter Strauss, Grace Zabriskie, Roxanne Hart, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Rachael Harris, Brian Baumgartner, Jess Rosenthal


Sadie and Ben are in love, and although Ben suggests getting married in the Caribbean, Sadie has her heart set on a wedding at the family church, St. Augustine's. Ben says sure, and they meet with the pastor, Rev. Frank. The only date open for two years is three weeks away, and Frank insists the kids go through his marriage prep course. They're to write their own vows; he also demands chastity, bugs their apartment, initiates arguments, has them care for robot twins, creates friction between Ben and her family, and raises doubts in Sadie. Desperate, Ben looks for dirt on Frank. Can he undermine Frank's authority and keep Sadie's heart?

  • Svētā tēva svētība
  • Лицензия на брак
License To Wed - Ken Kwapis
© 2007 Warner Bros. Pictures

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  • License To Wed - Mandy Moore , John Krasinski
  • License To Wed - John Krasinski , Eric Christian Olsen
  • License To Wed - Eric Christian Olsen , Christine Taylor
  • License To Wed - Christine Taylor , Josh Flitter
  • License To Wed - Josh Flitter , DeRay Davis
  • License To Wed - DeRay Davis , Peter Strauss
  • License To Wed - Peter Strauss , Grace Zabriskie
  • License To Wed - Grace Zabriskie , Roxanne Hart
  • License To Wed - Roxanne Hart , Mindy Kaling
  • License To Wed - Mindy Kaling , Angela Kinsey
  • License To Wed - Angela Kinsey , Rachael Harris
  • License To Wed - Rachael Harris , Brian Baumgartner
  • License To Wed - Brian Baumgartner , Jess Rosenthal
  • License To Wed - Jess Rosenthal
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