Gagarin's grandson (2007) Gagarin's grandson

IMDB: 6.5



Directed by

Andrey Panin, Tamara Vladimirtseva


Elya Akmaeva, Stella Baranovskaya, Dmitriy Georgrievskiy, Anna Gromova, Igor Karlov, Asya Khaziakhmetova, Sergey Larin, Done Lema, Evgen Morozov, Gennadiy Nazarov, Andrey Panin, Anastasiya Richi, Natalya Rogozhkina, Svetlana Skurikhina, Ilya Sysoyev


An orphaned half-black child, Gena Gagarin, finds a family in the person of a lonely artist Fyodor. Fyodor, unexpectedly became aware of his own brother who has been living for many years in an orphanage, but did not expect to see a dark-skinned child, with a full bunch of bad habits and street views of life. Fedor and Gene are going to have a hard time before they learn to understand each other.

  • Gagarina mazdēls
  • Внук Гагарина
Gagarin's grandson - Andrey Panin;Tamara Vladimirtseva
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