The Brothers Solomon (2007) The Brothers Solomon

IMDB: 5.3



Directed by

Bob Odenkirk


Will Arnett, Will Forte, Chi McBride, Kristen Wiig, Malin Akerman, Lee Majors, Michael Ormsby, Ryan Wynott, Bob Odenkirk, Sam Lloyd, Charles Rahi Chun, Ryun Yu, Bill Hader, Jenna Fischer, Susanne Wright


John and Dean Solomon may have Ph.D.s, but they're socially inept after their widowed father home-schooled them in Antarctica. When their beloved dad falls into a coma, they hatch a plan to revive him using a positive emotional shock - giving him a grandchild. They find a surrogate mom through Craig's list - she's Janine, a penniless local musician, with a large, intimidating boyfriend, James. The pregnancy gives the Solomons nine months to learn to be parents. In a side story, John pursues Tara, a neighbor who takes care of their dad when John and Dean are out; but she has no interest in John. Can the boys keep Janine and James happy, keep dad alive, and learn to be dads?

  • Brāļi Solomoni
  • Братья Соломон
The Brothers Solomon - Bob Odenkirk
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