Margot At the Wedding (2007) Margot At the Wedding

IMDB: 6.1



Directed by

Noah Baumbach


Zane Pais, Susan Blackwell, Nicole Kidman, Jack Black, Flora Cross, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Seth Barrish, Matthew Arkin, Brian Kelley, Christian Hansen, Michael Cullen, Enid Graham, Sophie Nyweide, Justin Roth, Ciarán Hinds


A slice of family life: sisters, husbands, children, history, secrets, jealousies. Margot and her teen son, Claude, travel from Manhattan to her family's Long Island home, occupied by sister Pauline, Pauline's daughter, and Malcolm, the slacker Pauline will marry outdoors that week under a tree neighbors want removed. Backbiting marks family discussion, particularly between the sisters and in Margot's cutting remarks to Claude. Pauline tells Margot a secret that Margot promptly tells Claude. Margot dislikes Malcolm and undermines him. She also has marital problems and a lover nearby. People are cruel, inside and outside their families. Is there a refuge for Margot or for Pauline?

  • Margo kāzās
  • Марго на свадьбе
Margot At the Wedding - Noah Baumbach
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