Beowulf (2007) Beowulf

IMDB: 6.2


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Robert Zemeckis


Robin Wright, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Baker, John Bilezikjian, Rod D. Harbour, Brice Martin, Sonje Fortag, Sharisse Baker-Bernard, Charlotte Salt, Julene Renee, Greg Ellis, Rik Young, Sebastian Roché, Leslie Zemeckis, John Malkovich


In the age of heroes comes the mightiest warrior of them all, Beowulf. After destroying the overpowering demon Grendel, he incurs the undying wrath of the beast's ruthlessly seductive mother, who will use any means possible to ensure revenge. The ensuing epic battle resonates throughout the ages, immortalizing the name of Beowulf.

  • Beovulfs
  • Беовульф
Beowulf - Robert Zemeckis
© 2007 Paramount Pictures

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    aijuxxx 06.08.2008. 13:45
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