Listening to Silence (2007) Listening to Silence

IMDB: 7.1



Directed by

Aleksandr Kasatkin


Alina Sergeeva, Dmitriy Maryanov, Sergey Yushkevich, Andrey Rapoport, Mariya Zvonaryova, Iya Savvina, Viktor Rakov, Yuliya Agafonova, Yuriy Baturin, Olga Zharinova


Listen to the silence is the title. A young woman-Nastya- arrives in Moscow to study at the Conservatory and thinks her sister- Alya- will help her with a place to stay. Her sister, however, can only offer her to live in the hospital, where her son is waiting for a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, the only source of money for them is a rich family, more exactly Dmitri, a football related "businessman", for whom Alya has been working as a cleaning lady. Then comes the romance between Nastya and Dmitri, but...

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Listening to Silence - Aleksandr Kasatkin
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