Deep Water (2006) Deep Water

IMDB: 7.8



Directed by

Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell


Jean Badin, Simon Russell Beale, Clare Crowhurst, Donald Crowhurst, Simon Crowhurst, Santiago Franchessie, Ted Hynds, Donald Kerr, Robin Knox-Johnston, Françoise Moitessier de Cazalet, Tilda Swinton, Ron Winspear


Confronted by a perilous sea, bad weather, an unfinished boat and painfully slow progress, sailor Donald Crowhurst faces an impossible dilemma - to continue into the open ocean on his 1968 solo round-the-world race with a leaking boat or return home defeated and bankrupt. Using original 16mm footage, tape recordings and interviews, this film reconstructs one man's extraordinary physical and psychological journey.

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Deep Water - Louise Osmond;Jerry Rothwell
© 2006 IFC Films
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