Eye of the Dolphin (2006) Eye of the Dolphin

IMDB: 5.7



Directed by

Michael D. Sellers


Carly Schroeder, Adrian Dunbar, George Harris, Christine Adams, Katharine Ross, Rudy Levarity, Jane Lynch, Joey Jam, Vivica Watkins, Greg Lee, Alexa Sheehan, Robert Keskemety, Marshall Thompson, Jahmaal McIntyre, Christopher Herrod


Alyssa is a troubled 14-year old, suspended from school a year after her mother has drowned. Her grandmother Lucy, at wit's end, decides to take Alyssa to her father, James, whom Alyssa thought was dead for years. He studies dolphin communication at Smith's Point, on the Grand Bahama Island. James has not known of Alyssa's existence and is clueless about parenthood. The women arrive at the same time that James may lose his research operation to a tourist attraction. Father, daughter, dolphins, and town are on a collision course. Alyssa and James get encouragement from James's girlfriend and her father. It's the dolphins who can teach, and Alyssa who discovers how to listen.

  • Delfīna acis
  • Глаз дельфина
Eye of the Dolphin - Michael D. Sellers
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