Drillbit Taylor (2008) Drillbit Taylor

IMDB: 5.7



Directed by

Steven Brill


Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts, Owen Wilson, Casey Boersma, Dylan Boersma, Lisa Ann Walter, Beth Littleford, David Koechner, Matt Walsh, Janet Varney, Lisa Lampanelli, Bill O'Neill, Shaun Weiss, Jordan Valacich


Homeless veteran Bob 'Drillbit' Taylor manages to enjoy life anyhow and even saves some cash for his dream, an 'all-paid' move to Alaska, even if that may take many years. His dream comes within reach when clever nerd Wade, has fat friend Ryan 'T-dog' and cocky shrimp Jim, all new to high-school, are bullied so badly by emancipated Filkins and his buddies that they advertise for a bodyguard. Only Drillbit seems affordable and not crazy, so he's hired and drains their pocket-money and home content. He's clueless how to protect them but gives them (bogus) self-defense classes.

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Drillbit Taylor - Steven Brill
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