I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (2006) I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

IMDB: 6.2



Directed by

Jeff Garlin


Jeff Garlin, Dan Castellaneta, Mina Kolb, Paul Mazursky, Rose Abdoo, Tim Kazurinsky, Jessy Schram, Rebecca Sage Allen, Henriette Mantel, David Pasquesi, Kate Merrill, Cita Orendain, Joey Slotnick, Patti Vasquez, Josh Rosenblatt


Life has its downs for James, living with his mom in Chicago at 39, an aging performer at Second City, eating and weighing too much. A woman he's been dating drops him, as does his agent, her brother. James turns down roles in local TV, roles that make him sad. Someone's remaking his favorite movie, "Marty," a role he'd love, but he doesn't even get an audition. He has a minor meltdown when talking at a grade school career day. Things look up when he meets the quirky Beth at an ice cream shop. Can James make a career for himself, move out from mom's, and find someone to eat cheese with? Or is he destined to watch Jackie Gleason and be Marty for the rest of his life?

  • Es gribu apēst kādu ar sieru
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I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With - Jeff Garlin
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