The Irony Of Fate 2 (2007) The Irony Of Fate 2


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Directed by

Тимур Бекмамбетов


Константин Хабенский, Елизавета Боярская, Сергей Безруков, Андрей Мягков, Барбара Брыльска, Юрий Яковлев, Валентина Талызина, Виктор Вержбицкий


It's been 30 years since New Year's night when Zhenja Lukashin met his Nadja. Unfortunately they didn't stay together and got back to their previous lives. Both had children - a boy and a girl… The events of the second film resemble those of the original, only now everything happens to Nadja's and Zhenja's children - main character's unconscious flight from one city to another, addresses coincidence and, finally, fortuitous encounter.

  • Likteņa ironija 2
  • Ирония судьбы. Продолжение
The Irony Of Fate 2 - Тимур Бекмамбетов
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