After a Life (2007) After a Life



Directed by

Олег Осипов


Евгений Сидихин, Алексей Маклаков, Саид Багов, Александр Воробьев, Илья Соколовский, Елена Полякова


One of three old institute companions-shareholders "orders" the fourth — the head of bank Daniel. But the hired killer did not know about the explosive put in the house even. And here, after explosion in a cellar there are three — the killer, a victim and his daughter. When air almost does not remain, and searchers have already stopped work, Daniel's consciousness gets dangerous game: what of the worlds invented and what — present, in what you rescue friends, or in what friends kill you … Daniel solves a problem with three unknown persons.

  • Pēc dzīve
  • После жизни
After a Life - Олег Осипов
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