Backseat (2005) Backseat

IMDB: 7.0



Directed by

Bruce Van Dusen


Josh Alexander, Starla Benford, William Bogert, Robert T. Bogue, Christopher Carley, Jeffrey Carlson, Helen Coxe, Glenn Daniels, Aubrey Dollar, Malcolm Goodwin, Will Janowitz, Alan Katz, Sarah Lord, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Mark Rosenthal


A story about prolonged adolescence, two old friends flee New York City on a three-day road trip to Montreal to escape their problems and meet the great Donald Sutherland. Between running drugs and meeting a man who only communicates through instant messaging, they run head-on into the always lingering problem of real life.

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  • Место сзади
Backseat - Bruce Van Dusen
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