Married Life (2007) Married Life

IMDB: 6.3



Directed by

Ira Sachs


Chris Cooper, Annabel Kershaw, Pierce Brosnan, Patricia Clarkson, Rachel McAdams, Sheila Paterson, David Richmond-Peck, Erin Boyes, Elijah St. Germain, Terence Kelly, Timothy Webber, Rebecca Codling, David Wenham, Dolores Drake, Malcolm Boddington


A wry blend of dark humor, romantic deception, and stylish melodrama—with an invigorating dash of suspense—Married Life is an unconventional fable for grown-ups about the irresistible power and utter madness of love. After decades of marital contentment, Harry concludes that he must kill his wife Pat because he loves her too much to let her suffer when he leaves her. Harry has fallen hard for the young and lovely Kay, but his best friend Richard wants to win Kay for himself. As Harry implements his maladroit plans for murdering his wife, the other characters are entangled with their own deceptions. Like Harry, they race towards their passions but trip over their scruples, seemingly well-intended towards all, but truthful to none. Married Life is an uncommonly adult film that surprises and confounds expectations. While it plays with mystery, comedy, and intrigue, its ultimate concern is: “What is married life?” In its sly way, Married Life poses perceptive questions about the seasonal discontents and unforeseen joys of all long-term relationships.

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Married Life - Ira Sachs
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