Diary of the Dead (2007) Diary of the Dead

IMDB: 5.7



Directed by

George A. Romero


Todd Schroeder, Laura de Carteret, Amy Lalonde, Martin Roach, Joshua Close, Joe Dinicol, Michelle Morgan, Shawn Roberts, Philip Riccio, Tatiana Maslany, Daniel Kash, Chris Violette, Megan Park, Scott Wentworth, George Buza


In his first independently produced zombie film in over two decades, George A. Romero returns to ground zero in the history of the living dead. When a group of film students making a horror movie in the woods discovers that the dead have begun to revive, they turn their cameras on the real-life horrors that suddenly confront them, creating a first person diary of their bloody encounters and the disintegration of everything they hold dear. Told with Romero’s pitch-black humor and an unflinching eye on our post-Katrina world.

  • Miroņu dienasgrāmatas
  • Дневники мертвецов
Diary of the Dead - George A. Romero
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