Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) Journey to the Center of the Earth

IMDB: 5.8


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Eric Brevig


Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem, Seth Meyers, Jean Michel Paré, Jane Wheeler, Frank Fontaine, Giancarlo Caltabiano, Kaniehtiio Horn, Garth Gilker


In the family adventure “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” three explorers plunge deep into a strange new realm beneath the Earth’s surface where they embark on an amazing voyage and find awe-inspiring sites amidst grave danger. During a scientific expedition in Iceland, visionary scientist Trevor Anderson, his nephew Sean and their beautiful local guide, Hannah, are unexpectedly trapped in a cave from which their only escape is to go deeper and deeper into the depths of the Earth. Traveling through never-before-seen worlds, the trio comes face-to-face with surreal and unimaginable creatures—including man-eating plants, giant flying piranha, glow birds and terrifying dinosaurs from days past. The adventurers soon realize that as volcanic activity increases around them, they must find a way back to the Earth’s surface before it is too late.

  • Ceļojums uz Zemes centru
  • Путешествие к центру Земли
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Eric Brevig
© 2008 New Line Cinema
  • Skatijos kino, un vina bij 3D. vnk ideala filma. Tpc jau ir tur visadi specefekti,lai butu 3D interesantak. a ja par daudz tev skiet, iekaca vec versiju. pec kuras veidoja sito filmu. :p
    PRINCESiTe_mm 22.01.2009. 18:31
  • laba filma
    Pumaaa 16.01.2009. 20:32
  • vakar noskatijos! ..jaa bishk parspileti specefekti bet visaa visumaa laba!!!
    matissm 05.10.2008. 19:21
  • intersanta filma, es gribu šo redzēt filmu.
    Kateriinite 16.08.2008. 16:18