Saw V (2008) Saw V

IMDB: 5.8



Directed by

David Hackl


Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell, Julie Benz, Meagan Good, Mark Rolston, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk, Laura Gordon, Joris Jarsky, Mike Butters, Al Sapienza, Mike Realba, Jeff Pustil


Almost every one brought in to try and solve the Jigsaw mystery has died or been injured. With John's dead body in the hospital, Officer Rigg badly injured still in the warehouse, Agent Perez recovering in the hospital and Agent Strahm nowhere to be found there leaves one. Upon hearing the news that Jigsaw's games will continue from his death Detective Hoffman has disappeared and a whole new game is just about to start.

  • Zāģis V
  • Пила V
Saw V - David Hackl
© 2008 Twisted Pictures
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