Little robbers (2009) Little robbers

IMDB: 6.2



Directed by

Armands Zvirbulis


Gustavs Vilsons, Zane Leimane, Arturs Skrastins, Juris Zagars, Karl Markovics, Gunars Placens, Skaidrite Putnina, Aija Dzerve, Imants Strads, Gundars Abolins, Romualds Ancans, Ieva Ava, Guntars Ezerins, Aigars Gaisins, Herta Lebedeva


I Cross your heart and hope to die! Can you honestly swear that at least once in your life you have not thought that robbing a bank is a good idea? Especially, if you’re five years old and that bank has just thrown your parents out of a brand new apartment, because your father has lost his job. Robby (5) is no Zorro, but he’d like to be. His sister Louise (7) thinks he’s too childish, but can’t resist the game of robbing a bank. Together they can pull off just about anything. Getting away with it is the hard part.

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Little robbers - Armands Zvirbulis
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  • Ļoti jauka filma.Skatijos ar lielu baudu.
    dendijs 21.04.2010. 08:47
  • ev labs tur štokijs no rekša!
    Ugenieks 17.03.2009. 23:45