The Unborn (2009) The Unborn

IMDB: 4.8



Directed by

David S. Goyer


Odette Annable, Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good, Idris Elba, Jane Alexander, Atticus Shaffer, James Remar, Carla Gugino, C.S. Lee, Rhys Coiro, Michael Sassone, Ethan Cutkosky, Craig J. Harris, Rachel Brosnahan


Casey Bell hated her mother for leaving her as a child. But when inexplicable things start to happen, Casey begins to understand why she left. Plagued by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost that haunts her waking hours, she must turn to the only spirtual advisor, Sendak, who can make it stop. With Sendak’s help, Casey uncovers the source of a family curse dating back to Nazi Germany -- a creature with the ability to inhabit anyone or anything that is getting stronger with each possession. With the curse unleashed, her only chance at survival is to shut a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born.

  • Nedzimušais
  • Нерожденный
The Unborn - David S. Goyer
© 2009 Universal Pictures
  • Bija vietas no kurām varēja baidīties, bet visā kopumā ne ar ko atmiņā paliekoša
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  • Galīgi garām.......!
    kristiks 22.09.2009. 17:14
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    huf 01.07.2009. 05:44
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