Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) Paul Blart: Mall Cop

IMDB: 5.2


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Steve Carr


Kevin James, Keir O'Donnell, Jayma Mays, Raini Rodriguez, Shirley Knight, Stephen Rannazzisi, Peter Gerety, Bobby Cannavale, Adam Ferrara, Jamal Mixon, Adhir Kalyan, Erick Avari, Gary Valentine, Allen Covert, Mike Vallely


Paul Blart is a mild-mannered, dutiful family man who works as a security guard in a New Jersey mall. For years, he has applied to become a cop, but he always fails the physical exam because he is overweight. One day, a gang of organized criminals put the mall under siege and take hostages. Blart becomes trapped inside, and because of his sense of duty, refuses to leave. He thus becomes the police department's eyes on the inside and attempts to stop the criminals on his own.

  • Misija: Lielveikals
  • Mиссия: супермаркет
Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Steve Carr
© 2009 Sony Pictures
  • Viegla romantiskā komēdija....nepatika...
    kristiks 22.09.2009. 17:25
  • nuu samērā normāla komēdija. ;D
    stupidlamb- 21.06.2009. 10:49
  • biju gaidijusikaut ko vairak , bet ta prieks vieglas izklaides ir ok.
    blecky 27.04.2009. 08:01