Help gone mad (2009) Help gone mad

IMDB: 6.8



Directed by

Boris Khlebnikov


Evgeniy Sytyy, Sergey Dreyden, Anna Mikhalkova, Igor Chernevich, Nikita Emshanov, Aleksandr Gordon, Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Yatsenko


The kind, naive and lazy Evgeni and several of his comrades make their way from a Belarus village to Moscow in order to earn money. But the megapolis does not like his kind of people: it turns them into marginal groups. On the way an annoying criminal incident occurs: and Zhenia loses his money, his documents, and his fellow travellers. Trashed, plundered and intimidated, he is doomed to become yet another Moscow vagabond. But a miracle happens: the homeless man from the provinces is taken in by a Muscovite pensioner. The former engineer conquers Zhenia’s heart with his simplicity, sincerity and noble behaviour, and – above all – he removes the pathos from the struggle against the everyday nastiness of the Russian capital... A film about the good and the ridiculous, about people and about Russia.

  • Trakā palīdzība
  • Сумасшедшая помощь
Help gone mad - Boris Khlebnikov
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