OceanWorld 3D (2009) OceanWorld 3D

IMDB: 6.5



Directed by

Jean-Jacques Mantello


Marion Cotillard


“OceanWorld 3D” takes moviegoers on an awesome journey that captures the beauty and diversity of the oceans – the source of all life on our planet – and inspires them to protect its fragile ecosystem and inhabitants. Guided by a sea turtle, viewers will enjoy a close-up look at her fascinating world from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Argentina’s Peninsula Valdez to Mexico’s Roca Partida Island, home to thousands of sharks. They will witness some of the most unforgettable scenes of life beneath the waves ever captured: the manta ray’s enchanting ballet, the noble procession of hammerhead sharks; the lionfish’s relentless hunt; dolphins playing algae-soccer; the astonishing beauty of the Spanish dancer sea slug and leafy sea dragon; and an exceptional encounter with the largest cetaceans on the planet.

  • Okeāna pasaule 3D
  • Большое путешествие вглубь океанов 3D
OceanWorld 3D - Jean-Jacques Mantello
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