I want your girl! (2009) I want your girl!

IMDB: 3.0



Directed by

Miks Ozolins


Lochlyn Munro, Robert Pike Daniel, Agnese Zeltina, DeRay Davis


A loving couple Laura and John get lost in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm, riding a scooter to a birthday party. Looking for a place to spend the night they end up in an eccentric man Raul's house. Raul offers John millions of dollars he claims to have to forget Laura and leave her forever.

  • Es gribu tavu meiču!
  • Я хочу твою девушку!
I want your girl! - Miks Ozolins
© 2009 Ozolins Productions

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  • cilveki kurš var ludzu pateikt kur šo filmu var nokačat?
    GuRban 12.02.2011. 23:17