Amaya (2010) Amaya

IMDB: 6.6



Directed by

Maris Martinsons


Kaori Momoi, Andrius Mamontovas, Dan Lau, Shiu Hung Hui, Monie Tung, Kristine Nevarauska, Laura Dzenite, Margaret Cheung, Dexter Fletcher, James Bishop, Sammy Chiu, Thomas Mak, To Hing Wong, Woon Ling Hau, Yuk Hing Chan


Amaya– is a story about a romantic guy Paul, who wanders around the world after a dramatic divorce from his girlfriend Lori. The USA, Chile, Japan, India, Thailand... After three years Paul finds himself in Hong Kong. Here he meets Amaya and her comic family. This strange Western guy Paul applies to take massage courses organized by Amaya’s brother-in-law Tao. In the saloon he meets Jasmine. Prior feelings do not go away easily, and show up again in the least expected times and places. Three different women help Paul go through unexperienced feelings of “love”, “longing”, “joy”, “divorce” and find new meaning in life. The movie explores different types of relationships. It shows the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and sometimes comic and even absurd situations that can occur in everyday lives.

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  • Amaya
Amaya - Maris Martinsons
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