Tadas Blinda. The Legend Is Born (2011) Tadas Blinda. The Legend Is Born

IMDB: 7.2



Directed by

Donatas Ulvydas


Mantas Jankavicius, Agniya Ditkovskite, Tatyana Lyutaeva, Vidas Petkevicius, Antanas Surna, Dainius Kazlauskas, Jokubas Bareikis, Mykolas Vildziunas, Antanas Surgailis, Grigorij Strelec, Donatas Banionis, Juozas Bindokas, Vaida Butyte, Ferdinandas Jaksys, Andrius Kaniava


A legendary folk hero, Tadas Blinda is a romantic rebel - the Lithuanian equivalent of Robin Hood. His name is an inspiration to young and old alike. The movie is a full-length adaptation of the legend of Tadas Blinda, and the action takes place in czarist Lithuania. Political intrigue circling the 1861 abolishment of serfdom unexpectedly turns into a battle in a remote village. A carefree peasant named Tadas Blinda unintentionally finds himself in the middle of the conflict, and is forced to take responsibility not only for his own actions, but for the lives of his loved ones as well. While searching for his place in this cruel reality, Tadas discovers values that are worth living – and dying – for.

  • Tads Blinda: leģendas sākums
  • Тадас Блинда. Начало легенды.
  • Tadas Blinda. Pradzia
Tadas Blinda. The Legend Is Born - Donatas Ulvydas
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