The Aunties (2013) The Aunties

IMDB: 5.4


Christmas movies

Directed by

Aleksandr Kananovich


Mikhail Efremov, Nikita Efremov, Nikolay Efremov, Albert Filozov, Ivars Kalnins, Kamil Larin, Nataliya Levina, Mirdza Martinsone, Igor Pronin, Tatyana Rudina, Yola Sanko, Valentina Telichkina, Yekaterina Vasilyeva


Miracles become reality in Riga, especially if a lonely soul craves it at Christmas Eve. The same way, “The Aunties” film characters’ lives - full of loneliness, search and anxiety, are changed by sudden appearance of the three aunties, that are actually angels – Vera, Nadya, Lyba. At the Christmas Eve morning the Aunties appear in Riga at the old painter’s doorstep and bring a whole swirl of action. For one day the aunties accomplish more than a lot. A lonely, desperate pensioner, who was close to death, unexpectedly finds a family, starts to do sports and even to travel. His granddaughter Masha, who was nearly fooled by a Latvian gold-digger, find her true love. An Arab sheikh, who got lost in snowy fields and who nearly was deceived by the criminals, finally closes a successful deal and falls in love with a fiery red hair beauty – “the queen of suburbs”, as she notices herself - Lylka. Some romantic adventures are expected for some other characters, as well – for a perfect institute concierge, for a plumber Fyodor, for mandarin seller, who also, somehow, become a part of this small, intelligent family’s story. This is the story about Miracle, which can be met by each of us on Riga narrow streets. Kind humor, dynamic optimism and an excellent performance of the actors will create the mood for the New Year’s Eve, and moreover, will give a charge of a positive energy for the whole year.

  • Tantiņas
  • Тётушки
The Aunties - Aleksandr Kananovich
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