Quantum Love (2014) Quantum Love

IMDB: 6.3



Directed by

Lisa Azuelos


Sophie Marceau, François Cluzet, Lisa Azuelos, Alexandre Astier, Arthur Benzaquen, Jonathan Cohen, Niels Schneider, Stéphanie Murat, Olivia Côte, Syrus Shahidi, Lily Taieb, Jules Benchetrit, Tatiana Khayat, Stylane Lecaille, Thaïs Alessandrin


Pierre – a successful lawyer, a beloved family-man and a caring father of two children. Beautiful Elsa – an extremely popular novelist, trying to recover with a much younger lover after divorce and upbringing her teenage daughter. Encountering each other at a gala party of a book fair, an innocent meeting of Pierre and Elsa becomes an uncontrollable infatuation. Notwithstanding the love to his wife and striving to remain faithful, Pierre cannot stop thinking about a new colleague, while Elsa, having a rule never to get involved with a married man, starts feeling that her principles are vanishing. They go their separate ways without swapping phone numbers, preferring to let life take its own course and fantasying further scenarios of their acquaintanceship. But, whether the fascination at a first glance may have future and turn into something more?.. All answers in the French drama “Quantum Love” in cinemas already on 4th July. After all, love is mysterious...

  • Tikšanās
  • Одна встреча
  • Une Rencontre
Quantum Love - Lisa Azuelos
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