Modris (2014) Modris

IMDB: 6.8



Directed by

Juris Kursietis


Kristers Piksa, Rezija Kalnina, Baiba Broka, Vilis Daudzins, Lauris Dzelzitis, Laura Jeruma, Januss Johansons, Lasma Kugrena, Inese Pudza, Sabine Trumsina, Kaspars Zvigulis


Modris is a 17-year-old with a gambling addiction which makes his relationship with mother difficult. Things come to a head in the middle of the Nordic winter when Modris pawns his mother’s electric heater so he can play the slot machines. She betrays him to the police, and as he begins his adventures in the Latvian justice system, Modris becomes determined to find the father he never knew.

  • Modris
  • Модрис
Modris - Juris Kursietis
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