Kiss them all! 2 (2014) Kiss them all! 2

IMDB: 3.9



Directed by

Zhora Krizhovnikov


Yuliya Aleksandrova, Leonid Arkhangelskiy, Egor Koreshkov, Aleksandr Pal, Andrey Rebenkov, Aleksandr Robak, Yan Tsapnik, Elena Valyushkina


In hope to hit the Jackpot, Natalia's stepfather goes for financial venture, substituting his business partners by that. Without any words they organize an attempt to kill him. The whole family cries for Boris Ivanovich...but he in the coffin sees all of this. All he needs is to lie there 3 days and survive funeral, after this family will dig him out and he can sleep peacefully. And everything goes according to the plan of survived stepfather, until his battle comrade arrives. Vitaliy Karavai immediately wins hearts of all family, taking all the attention to him. Because of that stepfather asks his family to make a luxurious funeral with Svetlakov...

  • Rūgts! 2
  • Горько! 2
Kiss them all! 2 - Zhora Krizhovnikov
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