Fool's Day (2014) Fool's Day

IMDB: 4.7



Directed by

Aleksandr Baranov


Aleksey Vesyolkin, Aleksandr Lykov, Antonina Divina, Aleksandr Vorobyov, Svetlana Chuykina


The film, based on Nikolay Gogol’s famous novel The Government Inspector (1836), is a comedy of errors, and a blame of the greed, stupidity and pervasive political corruption. Ivan, a heavily indebted hotel doorman, pretends to have a wealthy father who would be eager to pay off his son's debts. Ivan and a debt collector embark on a journey to what is supposed to be Ivan's father's farm. Due to a minor car accident, the two men find themselves in a strange town where they are mistaken for government inspectors and enjoy a grand reception…

  • Muļķa diena
  • День дурака
Fool's Day - Aleksandr Baranov
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