Moms 3 (2014) Moms 3

IMDB: 4.8



Directed by

Georgiy Malkov, Emil Nikogosyan


Olga Volkova, Garik Kharlamov, Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk, Andrey Urgant, Mariya Syomkina, Ekaterina Volkova, Evgeniy Smorigin, Aleksandr Uman, Egor Bortnik, Polina Aug, Lauma Balode, Timur Rodriguez


This time, in keeping with the best traditions of the first two parts, Mothers tells a beautiful, fascinating, lyrical and funny story of the three mothers that takes place in a small European town on New Year’s Eve. The three mothers are flying to Prague on New Year’s Eve. However, due to the weather conditions, the plane has to land in a small Polish town. While waiting for their flight, the three women decide to get to the town centre expecting to witness some New Year festivities. They see an ancient fairytale town... with empty streets. Nothing like the bustling feast of life as the characters imagined. The mothers refuse to accept that and decide to have a proper New Year celebration in the Russian style.

  • Mammas 3
  • Мамы 3
Moms 3 - Georgiy Malkov;Emil Nikogosyan
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