What Those Men Do! 2 (2015) What Those Men Do! 2

IMDB: 5.0



Directed by

Sarik Andreasyan


Tair Mamedov, Roman Yunusov, Dmitry Kozhoma, Nikita Dzhigurda, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Peter Vins, Vadim Tsallati, Natalia Rudova, Elena Borshcheva, Elena Berkova


Russia is in danger! Ex - system administrator of the secret military division, who flew away to America, released virus to hack security system, which will lead to horrifying consequences for Russia. To stop the program, the key is needed - word, that says ex-girlfriend of hacker, when experience an orgasm. That's only one word, but for the last year villain had dozens of girlfriends, and with each he had sex... and all of them were in Los Angeles! To save the country, woman experts were summoned - Daniel, Gosha and Vitaliy.

  • Ko tie vīrieši dara! 2
  • Что творят мужчины! 2
What Those Men Do! 2 - Sarik Andreasyan
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