Bad Santa (2003) Bad Santa

IMDB: 7.1


Christmas movies

Directed by

Terry Zwigoff


Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Lauren Graham, Lauren Tom, Bernie Mac, John Ritter, Ajay Naidu, Lorna Scott, Harrison Bieker, Alex Borstein, Alexandra Korhan, Dylan Charles, Billy Gardell, Lisa Ross


Criminals Willie and Marcus disguise themselves as Santa Claus and his elf and travel across the country to major malls, using the good will people have toward Santa to rob the mall stores blind. The problem is, Willie can't stand kids and it's all he can do to keep himself from getting fired while on the job. Their plan still progresses beautifully until the two reprobates meet an introverted 8-year-old boy who thinks Willie is the real Santa Claus. Overweight, awkward, and the frequent target of bullies, the boy manages to arouse something like sympathy from Willie, who tries to give him some advice and develops something vaguely resembling Christmas spirit along the way.

  • Ļaunais Santaklauss
  • Плохой Санта
Bad Santa - Terry Zwigoff
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