The Eternal Return (2012) The Eternal Return



Directed by

Kira Muratova


Renata Litvinova, Oleg Tabakov, Sergey Makovetsky, Alla Demidova, Vitaly Linetsky, Natalya Buzko, Georgiy Deliev, Uta Kilter, Yury Nevgamonny, Gennady Skarga


Movie characters - a man and a woman, do not occur for many years. A man came to the woman. He came in a hat, so yes worried that I forgot to take it off. These classmates have not seen one hundred years old, and he lives a long time in the city, and came here on a business trip. And just for her, with the question of how to divide himself between his wife and mistress? Neither council does not sound convincing: he loves both, but to live with both unable to. Ozlivshis, the visitor slams the door. But coming back, because other friends in this city does not have. And back. And back.

  • Mūžīgā atgriešanās
  • Вечное возвращение
The Eternal Return - Kira Muratova
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