The Game of Truth (2013) The Game of Truth

IMDB: 7.0



Directed by

Viktor Shamirov


Irina Apeksimova, Yuriy Kutsenko, Dmitriy Maryanov, Konstantin Yushkevich


The film “Playing the truth” tells about the trio of former classmates who have gathered to recall adventures of their violent youthfulness. A crazy macho Mark proposes to get on with the party all over the girls but does not find support of the faithful gooney and nudnik Gennadij and the flat owner Anatolij - a heavy loser, who has planned a surprise for his friends tonight. As it turns out, the clou of the evening is a guest Maya – a queen of the studentship, admired by the trio twenty years ago. The conversation is flagging, unless the quartet starts a highly dangerous and straight-out game of “Truth”, the curves of which disclose to the friends what they would tend to keep quiet and not knowing... The conversation is heating up, the friends learn awkward facts about themselves, family, love that used to be hidden for many years and now forcing them raging, laughing, fighting and holding breath for a moment. But isn’t the heavy open conversation a hazard for their decades-long friendship? Can their unity stand the trial Truth? After all, it is much more than just a game...

  • Patiesības spēle
  • Игра в правду
The Game of Truth - Viktor Shamirov
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