Jungle (2012) Jungle

IMDB: 5.2



Directed by

Aleksandr Voytinskiy


Vera Brezhneva, Marina Dyuzheva, Mikhail Efremov, Aleksandr Makogon, Irina Medvedeva, Aleksandr Polovtsev, Sergey Svetlakov


There is a crisis in a family life of Sergei and Marina. In order to save their family, Marina asks her husband to go to an exotic trip together. The whole way they have only quarrels, and finally they find themselves on an incredible beautiful, but wild island right in the middle of the ocean. Instead of struggling for survival, the husband and his wife continue to clarify their relations. Little by little they start real battle actions. In addition, the wild island is populated with tribes of aggressive natives! Does love, if not a peace, save these 2 unlucky travellers and their relations?

  • Džungļi
  • Джунгли
Jungle - Aleksandr Voytinskiy
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