Till Night Do Us Part (2012) Till Night Do Us Part

IMDB: 5.9



Directed by

Boris Khlebnikov


Aleksandr Yatsenko, Evgeniy Sytyy, Sakhat Dursunov, Irina Butanaeva, Alyona Doletskaya, Mariya Shalayeva, Anna Makeyeva, Mariya Rakhimova, Maksim Lagashkin, Dmitry Groysman, Darya Ekamasova, Anna Kotova, Aleksandr Robak, Oksana Fandera, Lyubov Tolkalina


A real (literally) satirical comedy based on real situations at Moscow’s most bombastic restaurant. A madly ridiculous and revelatory film about women who choose between money and love, about producers who actually do not know what to shoot; and on your birthday you may sometimes spit out, drown a glass of vodka on an empty stomach and leave the mother-inlaw with the bill for supper. And about real love that is born not behind gilt walls, but in a noisy kitchen.

  • Līdz nakts mūs šķirs
  • Пока ночь не разлучит
Till Night Do Us Part - Boris Khlebnikov
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