Date (2012) Date

IMDB: 5.2



Directed by

Yusup Bakhshiev


Elena Babenko, Sergey Badyuk, Olga Karpovich, Andrey Kaykov, Ekaterina Klimova, Vladimir Kristovskiy, Aleksey Malashkin, Nelli Nevedina, Marianna Ovchinnikova, Aleksey Panin, Grigoriy Siyatvinda, Gennadi Vengerov, Olga Yurasova


The sister of a young single and prosperous surgeon Dmytri Gorin asks him to arrange a date with her best friend – a well-looking teacher Anna Svetlova. But the beautiful creature loses control after some drops of alcohol at a very important business dinner of Dmitry, and the formal event turns into a real nightmare. Finally, Dmitry, followed by Anna’s athletic admirer, loses his successful job, favorite motorcycle and even faces jail. Hot pursuits, spicy situations, champagne, crazy motorcycle driving and love, of course!

  • Tikšanās
  • Свидание
Date - Yusup Bakhshiev
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