1944 (2015) 1944

IMDB: 7.1



Directed by

Elmo Nüganen


Kaspar Velberg, Kristjan Üksküla, Maiken Schmidt, Gert Raudsep, Hendrik Toompere Jr. Jr., Karl-Andreas Kalmet, Henrik Kalmet, Pääru Oja, Priit Strandberg, Priit Pius, Märt Pius, Kristo Viiding, Jaak Prints, Magnús Mariuson, Mait Malmsten


The director Elmo Nüganen has created a feature film about the events of war in Estonia in 1944. The action of “1944” spans from the Battle of Tannenberg Line in July to the occupation of the Sõrve peninsula by the Red Army at the end of November. The war is depicted through the eyes of Estonians fighting on either side, in the German army and in the Red Army.

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  • 1944
1944 - Elmo Nüganen
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