Double Trouble (2015) Double Trouble

IMDB: 3.8



Directed by

Eduard Oganesyan


Daniel Belykh, Yekaterina Varnava, Valeria Kulikov, Daniel Kuznets, Sergey Mezentsev, Vladimir Tishko, Yulia Morozova, Lena Gornostaeva


Roman lives the life of a carefree bachelor and has his own radio show. As if he was a qualified psychologist, he dispenses advice to his listeners peppered with his brand of caustic humor.When 20-year-old Alena calls in to ask whether she should seek out her long-lost father, Roman replies “Of course! If I was him I would be delighted!” He doesn’t realize that the person he is speaking to is the result of a casual fling from a long time ago, and he has suddenly become not only a father...

  • Dubultķeza
  • Дабл Трабл
Double Trouble - Eduard Oganesyan
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