First After God (2005) First After God

IMDB: 5.5


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Vasili Chiginsky


Dmitriy Orlov, Mikheil Gomiashvili, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Irina Björklund, Sergey Gorobchenko, Yuriy Stepanov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Nina Ruslanova, Sergey Rubeko, Dmitri Rudkov, Vitaliy Abdulov, Pyotr Stupin, Ekaterina Vulichenko, Tatyana Vedeneeva


Finland, 1944. Captain Marinin is seemingly a fortune's favorite - he won the brightest victories in soviet marine history, a young woman falls in love with him from the first glance. However he is unacceptable for security services in his own country and becomes a target for them as well as for enemies. The movie "First After God" as life itself brings lots of things - pain and hope, heroism and evil, friendship and betrayal, choice between fear and heroic deed, duty and love. Nothing is unambiguous - there can stand betrayal behind heroism, behind duty - cruelty, behind love - pure reckoning.

  • Pirmais pēc Dieva
  • Первый после Бога
First After God - Vasili Chiginsky
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