Brainstorm: In-between Shores (2015) Brainstorm: In-between Shores



Directed by

Sandijs Semjonovs, Gundars Reders, Audinga Kucinskai


Renars Kaupers, Janis Jubalts, Maris Mihelsons, Kaspars Roga


This documentary tells a story about four friends, four schoolmates, who are different, but deep in their bones alike. Born in the middle of 1970-s, they were raised on soviet cartoons and at the time of empty shelves in the shops. Almost on the eve when our country re-established its independence they founded the group and named it Brainstorm. For the first time the group reveals their life-story and tells about experienced twists and turns, about East and West. The film also follows their work on their latest album in Berlin and reveals unique personal archive footage. This film is the story about Latvia's and Brainstorm's way for 25 years. The film is about the spirit of stubbornness and disobedience, about perseverance and capability to fall and rise again.

  • Prāta Vētra: Starp Krastiem
  • Brainstorm: Между берегами
Brainstorm: In-between Shores - Sandijs Semjonovs;Gundars Reders;Audinga Kucinskai
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