The Crew (2016) The Crew


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Николай Лебедев


Данила Козловский, Владимир Машков, Агне Грудите, Катерина Шпица, Сергей Газаров, Елена Яковлева, Сергей Шакуров, Вера Иванова, Татьяна Новик, Ян Гэ


A young pilot gets kicked out of the military air force after breaching an absurd order. He starts working as a second pilot in the civil aviation. Always straight-forward, he is not on the best terms with his new colleagues. During a flight to Asia his crew receives a distress call from the volcanic island and takes a decision to fly a dangerous rescue mission. Only together the crew ca survive the disaster.

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The Crew - Николай Лебедев
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