Breakfast at Papa's (2016) Breakfast at Papa's



Directed by

Мария Кравченко


Юрий Колокольников, Катерина Шпица, Луиза-Габриэла Бровина, Полина Максимова, Валентин Пелка, Кристина Шаповалова, Никита Тарасов, Михаил Полицеймако


Life of a young, charming and self-confident Alexandre Titoff is more than satisfying - he is a successful art-director of an advertising agency, fully happy about the realationship with a collegue, a fascinating blonde, with no strings attached. But one day, like a storm, a previously unknowned daughter appears into the life of a stubborn single. A lovely ten year-old Alya, standing on the doorway of his luxury penthouse, claims that she is Alexandre's daughter.

  • Brokastis pie tēta
  • Завтрак у папы
Breakfast at Papa's - Мария Кравченко
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